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I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, working in the Department of Psychology at the University of Windsor, in Windsor, ON, Canada.  Having lived and worked in 4 countries, my interest lies in how workplace norms are developed and maintained within the larger context of societal norms.  In other words, the question of how societal culture affects employees attitudes and behaviours is what drives my research. Most recently, I have been focusing on trust and assessments of trustworthiness in the workplace, and how cultures of trust can be created and maintained.  Much of this work has been in the context of examining how organizations can create more inclusive and equitable environments for Indigenous employees.

I am also actively working with organizations on select projects related to organizational culture and leadership development through Sycamore Consulting, Inc.



Organizational Culture

1999, Doctor of Philosophy

Major:  Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Minor:  Social Psychology


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI, USA                                                         

Societal Culture and Work Behaviour

Work Motivation

The Role of Trust in the Workplace

-see also Trustworthiness Research Alliance

1996, Master of Arts

Industrial-Organizational Psychology


Wayne State University

Detroit, MI, USA

1995, Master of Science       

Clinical Psychology  


Eastern Michigan University

Ypsilanti, MI, USA



Indigenous Workways

-see also Indigenous Workways Project

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