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Catherine Kwantes is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist who works at the Department of Psychology, University of Windsor, in Windsor, Ontario,Canada.  Her research focuses on the impact of societal culture on work attitudes and behaviours, specifically on trust and assessments of trustworthiness in organizational settings, as well as organizational culture and workplace norms. 


Dr. Kwantes is one of the founders of the Trustworthiness Research Alliance (TRA) as well as the Director of the Centre for Culture and Organizational Research (CCOR) at the University of Windsor. She is a lead investigator in the Indigenous Workways project, and the owner and president of Sycamore Consulting, Inc. For more information click below:

Psychology Department

University of Windsor

401 Sunset Ave.

Windsor, ON

Canada N9B 3P4

phone: 519.253.3000x2242


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